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  1. DohTime 2 Colors Fun Pack (2oz) in PDQ

    It’s the fun pack of DohTime.! Contains 2 pots-2 oz and 3 moulds to shape many fun creations.
  2. DohTime 5 Colors Dough (1oz)

    Contains 5 pcs to fully enjoy shaping:
    5 pots dough to mold shapes in a range of colors.
  3. DohTime Party Tube Pack 10pcs (1oz) in PDQ

    It’s a PARTY in a tube!!Contains 10 dough pots modeling compound to makes great party favors!
  4. DohTime Bright Colors 8 Pack (2oz)

    Playing with this starter pack from DohTime will expand your creative possibilities! Contains a rainbow of 8 dough pots colors to form and shape what ever you want.. !
  5. DohTime Party Pack 15 pcs (1oz)

    The set is great for the holidays, birthday parties and classroom parties…
  6. DohTime Hair Salon

    Create trendy hair style with exciting colors..! Funny shorts haircut or long hair princess , the choice is yours..!
  7. DohTime My Cake Workshop

    It’s the party time! Let's create and celebrate - Make the most entrancing pretend cakes imaginable for any occasion.
  8. DohTime Happy 123

    Happy 123 can help engaging you in the creative thinking process, which can also help encourage key foundational skills.
8 Item(s)
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